Be an Adult Dating Babe Magnet

Posted by admin | Adult Dating | Tuesday 9 December 2008 5:11 pm

Adult dating sites on the Internet are all the rage among modern freethinking women looking for that special relationship. So guys what are you waiting for? Check out those adult personals if you are looking because you know they are looking too. Think about it, the first uncertainty barrier, when it comes to asking a woman for a date is already gone. They are looking for someone just like you.

So here are a few ideas on how to boost your pulling power when adult dating:

Honesty is your best policy, if not your default position. Nine out of ten women when asked say they want their men with integrity. They can forgive most things as long as men are up-front with the reasons why such and such happened. Lies, half-truths and ugly nothings will repel the woman you most want to attract. So start as you mean to go on with an adult personals profile that you can live up to.

Most women who move in the adult dating circles are game for a laugh too. A good sense of humour is way up there on the woman’s’ list of attractive man qualities. It doesn’t mean you have to be Robin Williams with a gag in every sentence. Jokes made for attention seeking are a conversational hijack and the biggest turn off ever. You need to show your date that you appreciate the lighter, quirkier side of any situation. Aim to be Frank not Earnest because it shows true self-confidence when, as Rudyard Kipling famously put it, you treat disaster and triumph as the impostors they are. All adult dating sites will offer the same advice because it is universally accepted as true:

All people, and we are including women here; feel better about someone if they smile at them. Try it! Next time you encounter a woman in passing, give her your best smile and the idea that you are friendly and approachable will go with it. A smile is natures ‘all clear’. You are communicating that it’s OK to be near. You will not only, not bite but you will help them feel secure. To feel secure is the first essential to greater intimacy.

Practice making and holding eye contact. Seeing eye to eye is the necessary precursor to touching. You can’t send or receive messages to a shoulder or a cleavage. Watching for signals and giving signals of openness lets your partner know that you are there for her and her alone. We all, male and female want to feel special. Our parents did it for us as we grew up and we are all still looking for it in the people we spend close time with.

Personality with a small ‘p’ is a big attraction for women too. Not the showbiz "LOOK AT ME EVERYBODY" type of personality but rather someone who others want to have around. Someone who is interested in what others have to say and can add their own opinions in anon-threatening way.

Real women are not interested in gauche adolescent behaviour regardless of what age you really are. This means no toilet jokes or crude scapegoat behaviour. It means knowledge of the wider world and genuine conversation on authentic topics. Above all it means self-respect and maintaining the self- esteem of your adult dating partner.

You want your romantic rendezvous’ to go well when you meet face to face with your chosen adult dating friend. It is well worth the time to reflect on your words, attitudes and actions. There is a lot more advice on all good adult sites.