Become a Man-Magnet!

Posted by admin | Online Dating | Sunday 28 June 2009 4:59 pm

You find yourself suddenly thrust back into the dating world, and after being out of action for a while you need to sharpen up your man-skills. There are a lot of things you can do and try but I will concentrate on the most important skills and you can redefine from there. Are you the perpetual friend? Or, even worse a jerk-magnet? Some of us just seem to attract the "winners" out there! I am here to try to help you gain potential and "datability".

You need to take stock of yourself, get glaringly real about your opinion. You need to know who YOU are for starters before you can actually find a partner. If you need to make changes in yourself, then by all means make them! (more…)

Adult dating 101

Posted by admin | Adult Dating | Tuesday 23 June 2009 11:25 pm

What is the person on the other side of the chat line really interested in? If you want a deliciously sensual encounter with no strings attached, it’s difficult to find another person with the same intentions and integrity to back up words with action. Adult dating sites let you experiment with erotic talk, but when it comes to setting up a quick rendezvous, there is an art to mastering the online booty call.

Are they for real?

Adult dating sites can be disappointing, especially when the players are not serious about running the bases on the game. An enticing individual might lead you on with risque and explicit excitement – only to leave you cold and alone. Sometimes talk is cheap, and nobody shows up to put a hot body to the steaming words.


How to Throw Your First Swingers Party

Posted by admin | Swingers | Monday 15 June 2009 10:11 am

Ready to host your first swingers party? Follow these helpful hints to ensure the night runs smoothly for you and your guests.

Get Some Experience

You really shouldn’t be hosting a swinger party if you’re just getting started in the swinging world. It’s important that you’ve already had lots of experience and you’ve seen many scenarios.