Become a Man-Magnet!

Posted by admin | Online Dating | Sunday 28 June 2009 4:59 pm

You find yourself suddenly thrust back into the dating world, and after being out of action for a while you need to sharpen up your man-skills. There are a lot of things you can do and try but I will concentrate on the most important skills and you can redefine from there. Are you the perpetual friend? Or, even worse a jerk-magnet? Some of us just seem to attract the "winners" out there! I am here to try to help you gain potential and "datability".

You need to take stock of yourself, get glaringly real about your opinion. You need to know who YOU are for starters before you can actually find a partner. If you need to make changes in yourself, then by all means make them! If there is something or the memory of someone holding you back, then get over it! Do not base past experiences on your next date otherwise all you will get is a repeat of the last relationship and who the heck needs that?

Look at your clothes and re-evaluate your wardrobe. I don"t mean just go and buy all new stuff, I mean take a look at it, are you comfortable in what you wear? Do you look good in it? If the answer is yes then good, keep it and move on. If you like the casual look, t-shirts and jeans are fine, make the most of it. If you wear make up, re-evaluate the way you use it. If you don"t then maybe you should start. Invite the Avon lady over for a make up demo!

I am not one who believes in having to lose weight to catch a guy. If you are yourself, and don"t make up things when you are talking to guys online or in person you will be seen for your good qualities like sense of humor, fun to be with stuff like that. There is nothing wrong with a big beautiful woman! If the online dating scene is one you enjoy that"s fine. Just don"t fluff up your profile to something that is totally false.

You can be average all the way around but have a wonderful personality. That is what you need to use as your magnet. Be interesting and engage in conversations, be available, but not anxious. You will find someone in the least likely place is usually the way it happens. Be patient, no one ever died from lack of a date. Relax and make the most of YOU! If you like you then it will be easier for someone else to as well.

Lastly, check out the singles affairs in your own city. You never know what you may find right in your backyard. Relax and have a good time! Look in the newspaper, there is usually a dating page with events and people listed you could grab a girlfriend and go check them out, maybe you will both get lucky!