Adult dating 101

Posted by admin | Adult Dating | Tuesday 23 June 2009 11:25 pm

What is the person on the other side of the chat line really interested in? If you want a deliciously sensual encounter with no strings attached, it’s difficult to find another person with the same intentions and integrity to back up words with action. Adult dating sites let you experiment with erotic talk, but when it comes to setting up a quick rendezvous, there is an art to mastering the online booty call.

Are they for real?

Adult dating sites can be disappointing, especially when the players are not serious about running the bases on the game. An enticing individual might lead you on with risque and explicit excitement – only to leave you cold and alone. Sometimes talk is cheap, and nobody shows up to put a hot body to the steaming words.


Five tips for writing a successful adult dating site profile

Posted by admin | Adult Dating | Friday 3 April 2009 4:30 pm

There are ways to write an interesting profile for online dating. It is best to begin by checking out the sites and looking at the profiles that really speak to you for a good general idea of what you need to aim for with your profile.

The best way is to start with a title that says HEY THERE! To anyone just cruising titles. Most of the time people will click on the first title that sounds interesting and different. The usual "Hi", I am so and so" just doesn’t cut it in todays very competitive dating market. Don’t do the zodiac thing. That has gone past its usefulness in today’s adult dating scene. You are better off introducing yourself by what you do for work, it can be a lot more interesting than "What’s your sign? Mine is…"


Writing a catchy ADULT dating site profile

Posted by admin | Adult Dating | Tuesday 16 December 2008 4:50 pm

Every person that walks the face of the earth wants companionship. It is a very human quality to seek a partner to spend time with, whether that connection is short or long term. All humans need that connection with one another, whether it is the same sex or opposite. Whether we are a world leader or a no body, we need that human contact. We need this intimate connection. This connection is what helps makes us whole as a human being.

Adult Dating

Adult dating is a great way to meet that special someone. There are a tremendous amount of online adult sites in today’s internet world. (more…)

Be an Adult Dating Babe Magnet

Posted by admin | Adult Dating | Tuesday 9 December 2008 5:11 pm

Adult dating sites on the Internet are all the rage among modern freethinking women looking for that special relationship. So guys what are you waiting for? Check out those adult personals if you are looking because you know they are looking too. Think about it, the first uncertainty barrier, when it comes to asking a woman for a date is already gone. They are looking for someone just like you.

So here are a few ideas on how to boost your pulling power when adult dating:

Honesty is your best policy, if not your default position. Nine out of ten women when asked say they want their men with integrity. They can forgive most things as long as men are up-front with the reasons why such and such happened. (more…)