Five tips for writing a successful adult dating site profile

Posted by admin | Adult Dating | Friday 3 April 2009 4:30 pm

There are ways to write an interesting profile for online dating. It is best to begin by checking out the sites and looking at the profiles that really speak to you for a good general idea of what you need to aim for with your profile.

The best way is to start with a title that says HEY THERE! To anyone just cruising titles. Most of the time people will click on the first title that sounds interesting and different. The usual "Hi", I am so and so" just doesn’t cut it in todays very competitive dating market. Don’t do the zodiac thing. That has gone past its usefulness in today’s adult dating scene. You are better off introducing yourself by what you do for work, it can be a lot more interesting than "What’s your sign? Mine is…"

Describe yourself, not with "how you are" but what you are made of; in other words don’t say you are a thoughtful, hard working Librarian. Say you are the quiet type who is also dedicated to good books and adventures. Or something like that. Dress it up but don’t be untruthful that can come back and bite you later on.

Leave out the "looking for sex" attitude and words unless you are only looking for a shallow one night stand. If you are looking for a relationship there should be no mention of sex. This is a dating service, not a meat market. If you are only looking for a physical relationship then there are other places with faster turn around times than dating online. Remember too to use paragraphs, but not spaces between every sentence. That makes the profile very hard to read and most people won’t give it a second look. Don’t use your profile to fish for a one nighter. That could really spell trouble for you.

Be creative by being honest and humorous in your description of yourself. If you are a 5ft tall and 200lbs, say something like "I am the perfect height for someone 6 feet tall, unfortunately, I have fallen 12 inches shy of that goal." It will show you do have a sense of humor when it comes to yourself. Are you a clean nut in the house? Do you like everything in its proper place? Say your memory is short and that is how you remember where everything is by always putting it in the right spot. Use humor in your approach and you can’t go wrong! If you can include a picture, a casual shot is good, no need for a formal portrait.

Lastly, be cautious when you are filling out your adult dating profile and contact information. Get another e mail account like one of the free web accounts and use it just for the online dating. Remember first names only!

Protect your most valuable asset, YOU! Adult dating and singles dating can really be fun and you can meet some really good people. Even if there is no romantic connection you can wind up with some pretty good friends.

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