How to Throw Your First Swingers Party

Posted by admin | Swingers | Monday 15 June 2009 10:11 am

Ready to host your first swingers party? Follow these helpful hints to ensure the night runs smoothly for you and your guests.

Get Some Experience

You really shouldn’t be hosting a swinger party if you’re just getting started in the swinging world. It’s important that you’ve already had lots of experience and you’ve seen many scenarios.

Deciding Who to Invite

If you feel you’re ready, think about your guest list. Just couples? Will you allow single men to join in? Also consider how many people you would like to attend. Remember to overbook as you will most likely have some no shows.

Create a Theme

You might want to create a theme for your party such as a masquerade or toga party. There’s also a lot of seasonal themes such as Halloween and New Year’s Eve. Once you’ve picked your themes you can enhance the evening with decorations and suitable music.

Sending Invites and Tracking RSVPs

Start by choosing date – Saturday evenings are best. Then begin inviting swingers you have already met in person or online. You can also post parties on adult dating websites. Start advertising your party at least a month in advance and remember to track your RSVPs. Consider asking guests to bring items like finger food, alcohol, condoms and towels.

Providing Food and Beverages

You’ll want to provide some finger food and alcohol. You cannot charge for it without a license so if the budget is tight, ask guests to bring something. Don’t place the focus too much on drinking as you probably don’t want guests getting too drunk.

Draft Some Rules

Every successful swingers party has some guidelines attached to it. Ask guests to avoid getting drunk and think about banning cameras and video equipment. Make sure guests know that safe sex is mandatory and that violence and rudeness will not be tolerated.

Set the Scene

At a minimum, make sure your house is clean. If you have a hot tub or swimming pool, make sure it is clean and in good working order. Place towels nearby. All beds should have clean sheets. You might also consider creating some private areas around your home as well.

Be a Good Host

One of your jobs as host is to make sure your guests are enjoying themselves. Don’t get so wrapped up in your own good time that you forget about your guests.

Learn for Next Time

You’ll learn a lot from your first swingers party. Afterwards, review what worked and what didn’t so you can host an even better party next time.

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