This Is Your Online Dating Life!

Posted by admin | Online Dating | Sunday 8 February 2009 3:28 pm

Online dating is all about making friends and growing your social circle of influence. Online dating will introduce you to many more like-minded people and of course with this wider social circle your chance of finding a soul mate are much better. Online dating allows you to try people on and see how you fit together before committing to buying the whole package.

The key to safe and enjoyable online dating is to stay in control of how and when you open the door to your cyber friends. A prepaid mobile phone is like a security peephole in your dating service door. It allows you to check out your new friends without them seeing your real world address and phone number. Only open those doors when you have built trust with that new person in your life.

Use only your first name when interacting with dating service introductions and ensure that your chosen dating service have good confidentiality safeguards. It must be your choice when to share your surname and other real world contact information. Stay in control.

How to do secure dating

Many of the online services disclaim responsibility for the introductions they make because it is a difficult thing to vet everybody effectively. Normally you will be given the name of someone whose profile you like and vice versa. As long as you have been as honest as possible in making your own profile you have every right to demand honesty of others. Again it’s in your control.

Play safe and stay in control when meeting someone in the flesh, so to speak, for the first time. Meet in a public place where you can be alone together but not isolated. Singles online dating is fantastic but only throw caution to the winds when you are sure of your new partner.

Seniors and baby boomers and online dating

Online Dating is an exciting new world for everybody from seniors to ‘baby-boomers’ as well as singles.

The motivation and aims of each person may be different but the process is the same. If you like what you see, get an introduction, then socialize and interact in your preferred way. Don’t try to force things along. Take your time, maybe it’s temporary or may it will grow to be permanent. You’re OK they’re OK.

Online dating advice for single parents

Single parents have special needs and challenges when it comes to online dating. It is of course a convenient way to build a social life without leaving the kid(s), but he or she will always be your first priority.

Be aware that there may be people on the singles sites looking to prey on your situation, so be extra careful in your choices. There are specific site for singles with children and you should seriously think of these. Of course all the good advice above applies to your home situation, only double.

Never share your child situation until you have built trust. After all it’s you who are looking for friendship through online dating not your little ones.

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