Romantic Online Dating in Melbourne

Posted by admin | Regional Dating Ideas | Friday 3 April 2009 12:09 pm

Online dating in Melbourne is very similar to other parts of the world. Singles dating in Melbourne is an exciting experience because the city has so much to offer. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and it is a modern city since under 200 years old.

This city is continuously changing and growing. The mix of old and new buildings make for an ever-changing point of interest. New additions to the city skyline make it all the more exciting. The locals here have three things that are important to them. Australians love their sports, fashion, and the festivals are full of endless excitement. Celebrations are nearly year round, with the celebrations and festivals happening practically in every part of Melbourne at any one given time.

Places to go on a first date

After a time of correspondence through the internet between you and your lucky other it may be time for that first real date! There are many places in Melbourne for singles to go to that are fun, entertaining, and a place to be for people to get acquainted, as well as for lovers.

The Date

Antics Gelateria del Corso is a nice place to get very acquainted for any couple. The relaxed atmosphere is a place of intimate perfection. The Italian atmosphere skirts the old world tradition. The Italian restaurants in Melbourne offer a huge assortment of the finest Italian cuisine. Things like gelato, and ratatouille and practically any other Italian delight. The Antics Gelateria del Coprso is right beside the Regent Theatre making this area of Melbourne.

After a perfectly delightful meal, the two lovers can walk along and enjoy the atmosphere of the small shops that line the many of streets. There is plenty to see, lovely jewelry, or the fashion stores and look at what the latest trends there are and get some new things for you.

As you walk through the shops, you will be able to enjoy the many hobby shops, arcades, and other shops that outline the walking strips. After a nice romantic stroll along the shops you will find yourselves in Waterfront City district. Here there is even more food and entertainment for a sweet couple to enjoy. The Waterfront district offers many cruise opportunities, bars for couples, and places to dance your life away with your partner. This is the place to be to fall in love!


Not wanting the day to end, the two of you decide to check out the night scene in a city that is the ultimate party town. They have everything you could imagine here for music, pubs, and nightclubs more than enough to satisfy anyoneís tastes. The two of you decide on a pub for its cozy and quiet atmosphere as a place to wind down before returning to your hotels for the night. You part with "I will see you Online" and go your separate ways thinking about the wonderful day you had with your online date for the first time.

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