Sydney Dating – Some Tips for Singles

Posted by admin | Regional Dating Ideas | Sunday 1 February 2009 12:25 pm

Sydney is a beautiful and busy area made up of several localities; each one has its own characteristics that make it enjoyable and interesting to visit. We will concentrate on a couple of sections for our first date.

We will meet in Chinatown, which is Sydney’s Original Chinese settlement. This area is full of interesting shops and excellent dining establishments.

We will meet at one of the food court stalls and sample the delicious cuisine that the locals serve in the area. Maybe a side trip to the Australian Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour to see the indoor and outdoor interests there.

They have the last of one of their destroyers that we can tour, maybe a submarine too. We can rest and have a glass of wine harbor side overlooking the Museum’s fleet at Yots Café Bar. We can even get to ride the monorail to lots of the spots there are to see here.

After Lunch

You and I can take a walking tour of the area and see if the Chinese New Year celebration is in Belmore Park. That would be a fun way to spend the rest of the day and into the evening. From there it is time to look into another restaurant since it is getting close to dinnertime. We can go to the Hope Street markets and see what the latest new clothing designers are showing this year along with the great jewelry and new accessories.

Evening Excitement

Lets go and watch Mardi gras too, all the excitement and celebration will be a fun way to end a great first date. Online dating can be a fun time in Sydney. The Sydney singles scene here is an incredible time with everything there is to see and do. If you prefer, we can go back to the Chinese Garden of Friendship to unwind from the day and relax. It is there with beautiful waterfalls, ponds, bridges and pavilions to walk through, admire the beautiful plants and trees within the Garden, and end at the Chinese teahouse for traditional Chinese tea before returning to our hotels. Who would know that online dating would ever turn out so good? When we part and go back to our lives, we can still talk online until we can meet again.

Only the Beginning

The exciting celebrations here in Sydney are varied and many! No matter what time of year you come here there is always something to see or do! The ethnicity of the area is truly varied and because of this, Sydney has much to offer wherever you go in the city! There is more here than any one person can see in only a few days.

This first date in Sydney will stay with us a long time no matter what the future may bring for us we will have the wonderful memories of this meeting. The online dating scene here is very much alive and interesting, Singles dating, even for singles with children is an adventure. Just remember to be cautious and you will have the time of your life.

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