Singles dating – First date disasters

Posted by admin | Singles Dating | Thursday 18 December 2008 4:42 pm

Everyone has been on a bad date or two in their lifetimes. You know the type; maybe a blind date a friend fixed you up with that you were so badly matched with it was almost a joke. The cheapskate who forgot his credit card and wallet in the cab so you get to pay for the eveningís entertainment and food. You can get the same guy on an Internet in person date as well.

False Profiles: In the land of online dating the false profile can be a big disaster! Especially if you are new to adult singles dating. You make a nice profile, being honest as you dare, and along comes a profile shark whi decides to take advantage of your good nature!

He fakes up a profile and contacts you. In this profile he is playing on what you had written in yours so he sounds like you will get on really well. You talk online for a while and then finally talk on the phone and he sounds wonderful of course.

First meeting

You meet for the first time at a coffee shop, nice and public. It all goes well until time tp pay up the bill. He has forgotten his wallet! Ok, an accidental thing he was in a hurry to get here…So you pay and you go your separate ways. In the meantime you are telling your friends all about your online dating experience and saying how nice it was until he forgot his wallet that is…

Fancy Restaraunt second date

You are really excited to be meeting him at Chez-whatever the new fancy place in town. You dress and go to meet him there. You have such a good time talking and eating that you feel confident enough to tell him where you live in general but he knows your car so he can find you on the street if he wants to.

The evening runs down and it is time for the bill, he has his credit card this time but the company denies it. And you get stuck with the bill yet again. So you tell him that other areas in your life have changed and you donít think you will see him again. And you go home, change your e mail online dating address.

Several days go by and one night you go home from work and your house has been broken into. You call the police and they fingerprint it and come up with a name. It is the guy you dated! Granted, you broke it off, but he had enough information to find you by your car. He is arrested and your possessions returned, but that is the last time you will try online dating services. Singles dating in person is the only way you want to meet now!

Five tips to avoid disasters on an online date

  1. the separate e-mail is excellent, you can just delete it if you need to.
  2. it is a heads up on the first meeting if he forgets his wallet so agree on paying your own way the first few times. If he still forgets his wallet, then forget him.
  3. Be careful how much you say, even a street in general and you can be found if someone is determined.
  4. Take a taxi or walk to your first meeting, or get a friend to drop you off.
  5. never give your phone number unless it is a prepaid cell.

Doing just these five things may save you from a disastrous online date. There are good matches out there; you just have to be thorough in screening of them.

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