Etiquette for New Swingers

Posted by admin | Swingers | Tuesday 16 December 2008 5:20 pm

There is a right way to swing and a wrong way to swing and you could be embarrassed unless you follow these simple guidelines for successful first-time swingers.

Be courteous

Making everyone you meet at a swinger party feel comfortable about having you around is the key thing. How do you do this? With good old fashioned courtesy of course. You are invited into someone else’s house so you express gratitude and you maintain or even enhance the others self-esteem at all times. It’s how you want to be treated, so do unto others how you would like to be done to.

Be polite and friendly

Maintain a wider focus than just the person you are most interested in swinging with. Be polite and friendly with everyone you meet especially people with whom you do not want to swing. Go out of your way to interact with the host and be open to new people because that ’special one’ may be the very next one you meet. You also want to enhance your own reputation for swinging and increase the number of invitations you get.

Inform your host

Be scrupulous in responding to all invitations whether you intend to go to the swingers party or not. It is the height of rudeness to ignore an ‘RSVP’ and show disrespect to the host. You make the hosting job difficult and could spoil things for everyone who does go.

Never go empty handed

Never go to swinging party empty handed. Something to eat or drink, a contribution that you have previously checked out with the hosts to make sure it’s appropriate needed. For swinging couples a gift rather than a bottle of wine is the wiser contribution. When it is a ‘bring a bottle’ party, be sure to bring your own preferred drink. Do not bring the cheapest thing on offer at the store then proceed to enjoy the other contributions, unless of course it is freely offered first.

Go prepared

Like a good boy scout be prepared for an overnight stay. Don’t forget your personal things for sleeping in, a robe and anything else to make your stay trouble free from the point of view of the host. Be sure to ask about sleeping arrangements in advance and come with a sleeping bag, pillow and blanket if asked.

Persoanl hygiene is important

The importance of personal hygiene cannot be overstated. You will be swinging on your own if you turn up soiled and sweaty. Shower and scrub all over before you get to the party and carry all your toiletries so that you can keep yourself wholesome and presentable to your swinging partners.

Enjoy yourself

A positive mental attitude is your greatest asset in any new social situation. Nobody wants to be near a pessimistic mood vacuum. So be open to others and share your thoughts and feelings wisely. Above all relax and have fun.